Jesse Wisch, Nicole June and Sebastian Goodridge pictured left to right

Based in the colorful, organized chaos of Philadelphia, Idle Kyle has been blurring the line between smoky, no-nonsense DIY power trio and thick, lush arrangements since their formation in 2016. Inspired by the detailed art rock neurosis of Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, and St. Vincent, the progressive indie newcomers maintain the visceral hard-hitting abandon of favorites Led Zeppelin while capturing the versatility of keyboard-infused classic rock groups a la Steely Dan.

Idle Kyle initially formed in State College, PA where Nicole June, Sebastian Goodridge and Jesse Wisch met during their college years. Their first gigs were in low-ceiling basements lined with Christmas lights and LED lasers. After gaining some notoriety in the DIY community, Idle Kyle began performing at college sponsored events and eventually earned their way into the downtown bar scene. The positive reception they received in their hometown inspired the group to begin traveling throughout the Northeast to gig on the weekends. Around this time, Idle Kyle started to spend weeknights in the studio, composing, arranging and recording their self-produced debut EP, Twisted Attention.

The spring of 2018 brought about a turning point for the band when Wisch left the group and the remaining members moved to Philadelphia. However, the production of Twisted Attention forged on and the group continued to perform as an acoustic act. Several months later, while working on the final mixes of Twisted Attention at a studio in the city, Idle Kyle found their newest member, producer and bassist Jack Cullen.


Twisted Attention debuted in early 2019. It features multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nicole June, drummer and engineer Sebastian Goodridge, and bassist Jesse Wisch. With this six track debut, Idle Kyle establishes a sound they refer to as "21st Century Blues" which is built by soulful melodies, modal harmonies, deep grooves and a "stick it to the man" attitude. June's keen, insightful lyrics offer a wide landscape of perspectives on the fastest-moving, most disorienting time in human history. The low core of Goodridge's drumming and the propelling nature of Wisch's melodic bass playing push June's colorful chords into nostalgic territory, but maintain a forward facing direction. With a fondness for putting the audience in the eye of their storm, Idle Kyle confronts what it means to be modern artists by grounding the creative process in one mentality: make it personal.

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